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Seriously, when you’re 800 years old will you be lifting star fighters without even touching them?!

Of course not, because The Force is not strong with you.

From a physique and action standpoint, to reiterate, Stallone in Rocky 3, Arnold in Commando, JCVD in Bloodsport, and my favorite, Chuck Norris A Force of One.

I can remember Arnold from Commando on the cover of M&F that I took to the barbershop to get my flat top.


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I can't pick one. Being born in 1974 my list and in no particular order:
1. Bruce Lee - Return of the Dragon was my favorite; something about those wooden darts.
2. Chuck Norris - Lone Wold McQuade was my favorite. I met him too once and was shocked how short he is.
3. Sho Kosugi - Any ninja movie he was in
4. Sylvester Stallone - Combination of Rocky 3 and Over the Top plus First Blood
5. Arnold Schwarzenegger - This one is tough but I think for me the one that I really watched a lot as a kid (and really don't know why) was Commando
That is all I can think of.


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Chuck Norris + Sho Kosugi = The Octagon, in my top three favorite Chuck Norris movies. Any other fans realize that brother Aaron Norris was a big part in getting the action scenes on point?
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