Biggest influence movie/actor


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Seriously, when you’re 800 years old will you be lifting star fighters without even touching them?!

Of course not, because The Force is not strong with you.

From a physique and action standpoint, to reiterate, Stallone in Rocky 3, Arnold in Commando, JCVD in Bloodsport, and my favorite, Chuck Norris A Force of One.

I can remember Arnold from Commando on the cover of M&F that I took to the barbershop to get my flat top.


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I can't pick one. Being born in 1974 my list and in no particular order:
1. Bruce Lee - Return of the Dragon was my favorite; something about those wooden darts.
2. Chuck Norris - Lone Wold McQuade was my favorite. I met him too once and was shocked how short he is.
3. Sho Kosugi - Any ninja movie he was in
4. Sylvester Stallone - Combination of Rocky 3 and Over the Top plus First Blood
5. Arnold Schwarzenegger - This one is tough but I think for me the one that I really watched a lot as a kid (and really don't know why) was Commando
That is all I can think of.


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Chuck Norris + Sho Kosugi = The Octagon, in my top three favorite Chuck Norris movies. Any other fans realize that brother Aaron Norris was a big part in getting the action scenes on point?


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Bruce Lee 100% for me. I remember even as like a 12 year old kid getting chills in the Big Boss (I think) when he wears a necklace as a reminder that he promised his uncle he wouldn’t fight, even though his cousins were getting roughed up. Then at one point someone rips that necklace off of him and all hell breaks loose.
Was also a big Rambo fan. The line that is burned into my brain from First Blood “All I wanted was something to eat...”. Breaks my heart.

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Jason Bourne! Not a physique thing (can't even remember if they made a big deal of that in the films?), but I loved his cool, calm, multi-talented resourcefulness. I've always been a fan of the idea of building skills and other attributes that - to butcher a quote from a famous writer - you can take with you as you swim away from a shipwreck. That scene where Bourne does pull ups on a trawler after having been pulled out of the sea by an Italian fisherman (who he can speak with fluently) always summed that up for me beautifully!
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One of my favorite movies scenes is the end of the Bourne Ultimatum. Bourne has been shot and we see him from underwater as he sinks into the river. Nicky (Julia Stiles) - who has seen him do what @Jon A alludes to - is listening to breaking news reports of the illegal Treadstone program and Bourne having been shot and killed. As the report goes on, camera cuts between Bourne slowly sinking, bad guys getting arrested, and Nicky listening to the news, visibly crushed. The reporter concludes with"Bourne's body has not yet been found." Nicky smiles... Bourne starts to swim... Moby kicks in...

To my wife's dismay, I never tire of narrating that scene. Thanks for participating.
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