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Hi, I am 50 years old with very limited to poor flexibility. I have been doing S&S with some good results ie weight loss and strength. I took up BJJ and am training 2-3 x a week. I wrestled in HS & college. My problem is I am really finding that my hips / neck are limited. I have Super Joints and have started doing that. I am looking for more of a flexibility (BJJ specific if possible), or possibly a yoga DVD. I need something I can follow along with, as left on my own I get little accomplished. Does anyone have a recommendation ?

I am looking at Pavel's "Relax into Stretch" ... or if there is something better ?

Thanks for any all help !


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Here are some suggestions:
*For your neck
-Mobility from "Super joints" (Tree-plane neck movements, Seated windmill).
-Flexibility from "Relax into stretch" (Lateral neck & trap, Angled neck).
-If you need strength, there are some chapters about direct neck work in "Beyond bodybuilding".

*For your hips
-Mobility from "Super joints" (Cossack, Split switches, Belly dance, various Pink panther applications).
-Mobility from "Simple & Sinister" (Prying goblet squat).
-Mobility/flexibility from "Flexible Steel" (Tactical frog).
-Flexibility from "Relax into stretch" (various Hip flexor stretches, Goodmorning stretch, various groin stretches).

You will have some good reading as well as results :)

Best regards, Henke in Sweden
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