Question body composition with s and s + tracked nutrition

Mark Limbaga

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Curious as to what others have experienced when combining these two??

I first attained the timed simple standard in december 2014 but given christmas was around the corner, I wasn't paying much attention to my nutrition..


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@Mark Limbaga i reached my best body composition of 82 cm waist a while before reaching Simple, when I was using the 28 IIRC. I wasnt tracking macros, I was doing IF 8/16. Worked great.

Sean M

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I happened to post about this in another thread:
Strength and Fat Loss

Granted, S&S with intermittent fasting was my first consistent “intervention” in health/fitness, so anything would’ve worked. But S&S checked a lot of boxes at the time.


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Interesting question..any time I have slotted in S/S in it’s because of life commitments. Combining it with cal tracking would be interesting to see in terms of body composition.
In saying that I have had the flu for a week and haven’t trained in over a week and my body composition is the best it’s been in months.
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