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Bodyweight Bodyweight Fitness as a Relay Sport

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My buddy and I constantly try to find ways to motivate ourselves when doing super hard sets. When we workout alone we often lack the stimulus to push to the max when our bodies telling us to stop. Then we did the crazy thing to work out together through Skype by sharing the workout video and seeing each other while working out. The motivation was quite profound. We pushed each other so much that we lay flat on the floor after each workout, with all the trash talks and swear counts. We started working out with our friends and everyone just crashes afterwards, but yet keeps coming back. We then thought to ourselves, let’s kick it up a notch and make it a relay, like a teamsport to train together and go against others. We know relay can trigger our adrenaline to kick in. That would be an even bigger motivation booster.

Not sure what the model should look like yet, but definitely want to get some inputs and recommendations.

For the relay model, we are thinking of starting off with a 2 vs 2 relay model first to make it simpler. The teams will compete at the same time either physically together or remotely together via Skype. The relay model is a tabata variation with teammates alternating 1 minute on and 1 minute off for a total of 10 minutes (5 rounds for each team member). The lowest reps of all rounds count as the score for the team.

In terms of the workout routine, it can be bodyweight based or weight based. For bodyweight one, we can do something like a hands off push up followed by a squat high jump, intensive enough but not complicated. This will be paired with pre-workout activation routine including slow lunges, flying superman lift, and plank. Our score on this one was 15-15-15-14-13 so we got 13 at the end (my fault, I lost my mojo at the end) with extra attention paid to the push-up with no bending back. We were able to hit max 170 bpm with around 200 calories for a 5 min workout. We need to think through the weight based one more on the scaling (maybe different weight for different levels). If you guys have any good suggestion would love to hear your thoughts.

One thing we want to be careful though is not to have a race element, while increasing motivation, to encourage bad form. So race once a week and during the week will be training on similar routines with emphasis on proper form. It will be interesting to see what this leads to. We are hoping to turn fitness into a team sport, it will not only be just against others, but also as a team to help each other to better ourselves.


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We sometime do something very similar. We would do section vs section relay events. The platoon sergeant or commander would say "first section to 1,000 push ups wins." Well that's 8 lads, a 2iC and a section commander. So 10 lads, which is 100 push ups each.

But because it was a race when someone starts slowing down their cadence you need to swap them out for someone who is fresh and keep moving through.

Always a good way to get that friendly rivalry and competition going within a platoon.

I think it is a great idea. However you can organise it.
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