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Discussion in 'Bodyweight' started by IcyROM, Apr 23, 2018.

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    I think Elli meant that as a metaphor, no one was picking on your English!

    She was saying that you can learn several skills at the same time but it compromises all of them in the process.

    I think you'll find this forum is mostly full of individuals who prescribe to the "less skills being learned at the same time is better" mindset.

    And if you are making progress on 2 of the 4 exercises listed.. I would just give it more time and see what happens.. especially if it is not too taxing a routine for you

    seems like you are doing well, even if it means just advancing on your L-Sit and your Pistols for now..
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    I see. I was hoping to progress in planche and front lever because those are my main goals. I don't care as much about L-sit and Pistols.

    Hopefully there is more help from others that can see the post. Thank yous for the help very much!
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    I think having stronger legs / a stronger core will help you out on both skills (FL and Planche), so perhaps that is why you are advancing in the pistols and L-sit first. Your body is strongest in the legs and core, too, please don't forget, so you might progress faster in those movements anyway.

    The scapula seems particularly hard to train well (not overtrain, activate correctly), so you might still be dealing with that learning curve as well, where as the pistol and L-sit are probably less "skill" involved for you.

    This community is very helpful but I don't think there are many people who have personally landed the planche, and very few who have done the front lever.

    That is probably why more people are not chiming in.
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    I think I activate scapula properly. I just cant hold myself in the air for very long and I'm not improving as fast as I hoped.

    Do you have recommendations of a place where people do achieve Planche and front lever where I can ask for help? In GymnasticBodies website I was just told to buy their Foundation product. I'm hoping there's other people on the web that could give some help for free I do not need a completely new product just maybe some help building a routine.
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    Maybe @pet' and @305pelusa cpuld be helpful. They were very good help on amother questions I had before.

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    If you're stuck on the PPPUs, are you able to increase reps at the same hand placement?
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    There are plenty of progressions which "work", but unfortunately, there are plenty which does not work as well... In the following, I'll talk about my experience.

    The pistol may be "tricky". Of course, it will build the core a little as you do not want to bend forward. However, even using HTT, the tension you'll put in this exercise will be less important than for a "true" core exercice. Pistol is a good overall feat, but as always, nothing beat specialization (when this is necessary).

    So, to focus on the assistance ab work, I did several moves, some of them dynamics, some of them isometrics.
    - HS Plank (3 set of max hold)
    - Bent Arm Planche (3 sets of max hold)
    - HS LSit (3 set of max hold)
    - HS Hanging leg raises (3-5 sets of 5)
    - HS Hanging leg raises with rotation (3-5 sets of 5)
    - HS Sit ups (3-5 sets of 5)
    - Dragon Flags (3-5 sets of 5)
    - Ab Wheel (3-5 sets of 5)

    Then, I did specific FL work, following this video:

    I did this specific practice 2 to 3 times a week, no more. When I did not train the FL, I did specific training (2 dynamics and 2 isometrics). However, I really insist on the HTT. This is crucial

    Regarding the scapula work, this is what I used

    Kind regards,

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  9. Karen Smith

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    I would agree with what many have stated above, LESS is MORE. High level BW feats can be very neurologically fatiguing. I have found for most people 2-4 days a week of high level strength feat practice produce the best gains. QUALITY over QUANTITY always.
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    If it's hypertrophy your after, then I'd suggest following a method that Pavel recommends. Find the point where you can do 10 reps of whatever. Then do as many sets of five reps as you can with 60-90 seconds rest. When you can't do a set of five with good form, then you're done. Don't train that movement till the following week. When you come to the fourth week, do the same number of sets you did the week before, but instead of sets of five, do sets of 3. The next week I guarantee you'll blow your previous best sets away. When I got to the point where I could do 15 sets of five, I increased the resistance or reduced the leverage. The other issue is, some of the movements your training with involve many muscle groups (like the deadlift in weight training). You may have to eliminate 1-2 and train just 2x a week and do your best to split your routine so as to not directly train shoulders or whatever more than 1x a week. Maybe Karen can give you some suggestions with this? Just my 2 cents. Good luck.
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    have you check your form on other specific forum, like gymnastic body? many movement you choose are difficult to do it right

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