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The way I kinda see body weight training, you have a few schools of thought and approaches. One thing kind of occurred to me. Assuming you're body weight isn't changing (significantly) you can sort of treatment it like a kettlebell in the same way you do reps and sets. Similar to the etk rop could you do the ladders with a push up variety and once you hit the 1,2,3,4,5*5 you can move to another push up variation. What would you do for the "swings" ? I know there's probably no replacement for the good ol' kettlebell swing. But, what would you do in its stead?
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So just for clarification, the naked warrior states 5 reps max for the pushup and squat/pistol drills, but how many sets is prescribed? I've read through the book and I'm only seeing that it says to stay fresh, and practice frequently. Pavel also mentions earlier in the book his father in law doing the pull ups every time he goes to the basement. But how often is that?
Is it like pttp with 10 total reps per day, so essentially 2 sets? If I was at the gym for say an 30min to an hour and I'm focusing on only the two drills how many sets is that generally? I'm just a bit confused.

Steve Freides

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PTTP is one kind of program, GTG is another. Generally speaking, up to 20 sets per day if you have the time and are careful not to increase your volume too quickly.

The idea of GTG is that we know there is a positive relationship between total weekly training volume and increases in strength. GTG lets you get the maximum volume with a moderate weight while remaining fresh.


Mark Limbaga

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you can progress pushup variations by simply increasing defecit (range of motion) or pausing longer at the bottom to practice tension and linkage

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GTG is not a specific sets/reps scheme... it is staying fresh and doing them often through out the day. I have a pull up bar on my bedroom door, and do a few pullups each time I pass or a few HLRs. Sometime that is 5x a day sometimes is it way more. Stay fresh and you will see gains pretty quickly. You can do the same with pistols or push ups etc. Any skill really, however Pavel as stated on many occasions that you can really only focus on 2 GTG skills at one time to see the best gains. So write you goal list, then prioritize them. Once you own one or two of them then add them into your training with sets/reps and then move on to the next GTG goal.

Hope that helps.
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