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Patrik Novák

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Hello everyone I train with kettlbell 5-6years especially program S&S 40kg and sometimes I read Naked Warrior and also every Tsatsouline books but I still cant ceste some som od workout with my bodyweight I dont know how many sets and exercises in one day and how offer in weeks... Now I can train only bodyweight program for couple weeks when I dont have any opportunity train with weights (traveling for work ...)

I was always interested in how Strongfirst instructors and you normal practitioners approached training and how you devide your training....
All year you train Some form of GPP in weeks(S&S..)or you still train Some bodyweight exercises with S&S ?

Which program with bodyweight work best for you when you have good solid strenght with kettlbell (40+kg) and Barbell (220kg+ deadlifth)
My bodyweight is 82kg.


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You are a pretty strong guy. Congrats on your achivements!

As far as bodyweight is concerned there are really 1000 ways to skin the cat (literally).
Naked Warrior is really good and if you haven't achieved your one arm pushup and pistol squat yet this is really a worthy goal.
Another optiin would be to have a little more variety because one arm pushups and pistols are really only the tip of the iceberg.
You might like gymnastic rings.

What you choose is really up to you. Maybe you could specify your goal a bit more?

Patrik Novák

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HELLO I read and listen lot of podcast Stewe Maxwell about bodyweight exercises its really interested...For me is number one clearly Kettlbell but how put together training with only my bodyweight....?I want became as strong as posible on my bodyweight...I dont want gain weight.
I want to ensure sufficient strength training Or GPP without weights.


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When I train bodyweight it's mainly chinups, dips and walking. The chinups and dips are done for as many reps and sets as I can stand to do in a session with rest periods. Walking is for at least 75 minutes at a time. I've found the chinups and dips to not really add anything to the strength I'm getting from S&S so I'm not currently doing them much.

Keep in mind that TGUs include bodyweight strength building postures.
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