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Hello community,

After training consistantly in a gym (mostly free weight and machine based) some months ago I started to train just with my own bodyweight. I read a lot of books, articles, materials etc. but I still have some questions about sets and reps as it seems that every source of information has another viewpoint on it. I think I know all about (or most) progressions and the single excercises but I was wondering how many sets others are doing. My actual routine consists of a full body workout which I do 3 times a week including vertical/horizontal pull and vertical/horizontal push in each session as well as some squat and lunge work. I typically do 3-4 sets of about 10-15 reps. A typical session would be as below:

Decline Diamond Push Ups 3x 10-15
Weighted Push Ups 3x 10-15

Pull Ups or Chin Ups 3-4x 7-10
Decline Inverted Rows or other Row Variation 3x 10-15

Dips 3x 10-15

Weighted Lunges or Squats 4x 15

I have to say that with my current routine I noticed good progress in muscle mass and muscle definition during the last months so I think it's a good routine (for me) but was wondering how you guys determine how many sets and reps per movement pattern you do?

Thanks a lot :)

North Coast Miller

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It depends on what I'm trying to accomplish. If gunning for mass I use as close to a DeLorme method as possible - 2 easy sets to warm up, a RPE of about 5-6 and a final set of 10+, often involving Rest/Pause or Clusters on the final go. If just going for strength I'll use Clusters at about a 7-8 RPE and only use two sets (available time depending).

With bodyweight the specific exercise will dictate rep range. If I find myself reliably getting more than 10 reps on the initial go for the last set I'll try to use a tougher variation/more weight.

Erik Hournou

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Hey if you're getting good results then that's great, keep going, the routine seems sensible enough, later you could experiment with increasing the weight and going for sets of 5 reps to see how that feels.


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Thanks for your replies. I probably forgot to mention that my goal is to maintain my muscle mass acquired through the years and to add some more muscles and definition. @Erik Hournou yeah I'm constantly trying to master harder progressions as well as using different techniques (very slow reps, supersets etc.) to stimulate the muscles.


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Most of the time, I use from 3 to 5 sets, regardless what I am looking for.

Then, there are two variables: number of repetitions, rest between sets.

Strength goal:
3 to 5 repetitions, with 3 to 5 minutes rest between set. During the rest, most of the time, I do another exercise

Strength-endurance / hypertrophy:
6-15 repetitions, with roughly 60s of rest

Muscular endurance and conditioning:
15+ repetitions, with no more than 30s of rest.

Of course, my above description follows a sort of "continuum". But there are always way to cheat, depending on what we want to achieve:
- Escalating density
- Drop sets
- Cluster sets & Rest pause
- Tempo

I usually change the variation when I feel this is very easy. So this is fairly feeling based.

From what I understand on your post, you seem to target body composition. In this thread (post #11), you'll find a protocol with cluster for hypertrophy:

Another one here on post #5

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