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Bodyweight BODYWEIGHT.... what are you all working on or interested in?

Am curious, why is standing long jump safer than box squats ? The way I currently see it .......on the box squat if you fail you just sit on the box whereas a standing long jump could have a far nastier ending ie bad landing and twist ankle ............ however am keen to better understand and be corrected, what have I misunderstood ?
Sorry, box jumps.
Been doing more hanging lately and seem to find it beneficial for my neck and shoulders. Active hangs with hollow body position, with overhand grip & if possible parallel grip. The goal is to get to 30 seconds with good form. And also try to get L-sit with paralettes or hanging from the pull-up bar. 30 seconds is the goal here also. Can't do it yet with straight legs. So tucked position in the paralettes and little lift when in the pull up bar.

I've been doing it in 3-5 sec sets and stopping when I get about 30 secs total. Is this a good approach or are there any better ones? Done 2-3 times a week.

And in the future a chin up. edit2. I have worked towards this with a band, doing negatives and flexed arm hangs. But now try to focus for 3-4 months more on the hollow & L-sit, dropping more weight and occasionally do 2-5 negatives and flexed arm hangs for time

edit. To clarify. If there aren't paralettes I have gone by feel and done the hollow hangs mixed with a few "hollow L-sit lifts" to get to 30 secs.
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Had another specific question. How could one combine different ways of active hanging into a weekly program? Overhand, parallel, commando, Tarzan, etc. and also doing some brachiating with the different grips, using only a pull-up bar if nothing else is available.
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