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I'm moving house so selling off/donating a lot of stuff. I've already got to move 200kg of KBs into a new house so could do with re-homing some things to people who will appreciate them. I've put some books that might be of interest to the SF community up on ebay.

SF related books:

Taming the Bent Press by Iron Tamer Dave Whitley

Flexible Steel by Jon Engum

Pressing Reset, Original Strength Reloaded by Tim Anderson and Geoff Neupert

For anyone interested in some martial arts stuff:

Okinawan Kobudo: The History, Tools, and Techniques of the Ancient Martial Art by Andrea Guerlli

Hap Ki Do: The Korean Art of Self Defense by Hui Son Choe

Taekwondo Defense Against Weapons by Kim Bok Man

Non- book stuff:

Gorilla Grips - these really helped me on high rep snatches a while ago. Still in great condition (actually the second pair owned)

Metolius Rock Rings

Cerberus heavy duty sandbag

It's all a lot cheaper than you can get it elsewhere - plus you'll be helping me move towards an even more minimalist lifestyle :)

There's also some comics and games available if you're into that kind of thing. If you are click through to my seller page.
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