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    Hey I guys I want to post here a simple boxing routine for the average Joe and for someone who can't make it to the gym. It's from my boxing coach, to stay fit during hard times which life can throw at you.
    You need some equipment:
    A rope for skipping, a heavy bag and gloves and a timer.

    First part is the warm up:

    20 minutes rope skipping, medium intensity with no sprints!!

    Second part:

    5x3 minutes shadow boxing. Keep a good pace and do your footwork!

    Third part:

    5x3 min heavy bag training. Keep a good pace with medium effort but Punch your combos very quick and stay active with your footwork.

    Fourth part:

    Do calisthenics | bell work | barbell work or anything else. Keep the excersises simple and don't lift heavy. I end those sessions with the PM from Etk.

    The important note is to stay in the medium or light zone. Don't push hard!!

    If the gym is closed I did this workout in the past 5 to 6 days a week. You will further improve your conditioning and you can focus on technique and learning new skills.

    This workout is nothing fancy, pretty simple but very effective.

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