BPD and the SFG1

Frank van Meurs

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Hello fellow comrades!

Long time lurker first time poster.

Fell in love with KBs more than 10 years ago.
Shortly after that found some crazy Russian guy who did astounding things with heavy kettlebells weighing not so much!
Intriguied ever since!

Pavels teaching always have a special place in my heart and in the gym my wife and I are running.


Who among you have experience with training and lung-conditions?
I ask because there is no question that somewhere in the future i will attend the sfg 1.
One thing worries me and that’s my ability to recover from straines exercise.

I have a condition called Bronchial Pulmonary Dysplacia.
I can do the snatch test as a single event fresh and i reach the standard but i experience a mayor drop off in performance up to 3 days after i redline myself.

What can i do besides build up the aerobic side of things trough LSD?

thanks in advsnce

Steve Freides

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@Frank van Meurs, welcome to the StrongFirst forum.

Your question is not one we are qualified to answer, but please review the web pages on our site about our certifications. In particular, note that if you pass most of the tests, you will have several months in which to pass the remaining tests. In your case, it might be best to plan not to take the snatch test at the weekend event but rather to take it later.


Mark Limbaga

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Not sure if this counts

I was born premature with underdeveloped lungs..

So the question is since you're already training, what level are you at right now??

Frank van Meurs

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@Steve Freides I didn’t know that was a option that’s a useful backup strategy

@Mark Limbaga that’s the same situation for me. I guess it also has to do with self believe.
This feels like Roger Bannister when he broke the 4:00. It really helps knowing that someone in my shoes accompliced what I dream about.
Thank you💪🏻

Mark Limbaga

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You passed it before, you can pass it again..

You just have to work yourself back up..

I know you can and I know you will


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Good advice above. And I'll add, the SFG weekend is well worth it, regardless of whether you pass or fail. I attended having no plans of using the certification professionally, just because I was passionate about KBs and wanted to learn from the best. I failed the snatch test that weekend despite a lot of training. Although I passed it a few weeks later and got certified, I can honestly say that even had I never gotten that certification, I would have had zero regrets in attending. It's a great experience and you'll learn a ton.

Plus, I'm confident that any man who can grow a beard like that, can also pass the snatch test with some hard work...
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