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Kettlebell Brain dead-goes offline during training - 3/4 humorous

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King Cobra Fit

Certified Instructor
I think loosing count is a universal problem....or so it seems, as it has happen to all of us haha. I have used a white board with either ticks that i wipe off with a finger at the end of each set or one long line and make a "negative" tick in the line (dry erase marker). However, I posted a question in the "other" section of this forum about "KIM" (keep in memory) games for developing situational awarness (SA) in tactical athletes during Physical Training (PT). I have used some cool and complex drills but to be honest, asking at the end of the workout "how many sets/reps/exercises did we do?" can be a difficult one. And all joking as side, but this is a trainable skill that using counters and abacus' as tools to develope the skill are great, but only if we use them as tools and not crutches. Not to take this thread to a "whah whah" but maintaining SA in a fatigued state is an important skill to be sure.
That being said, I really liked the tool of counting tops of fence posts as right side and bottoms as lefts. very creative!

Anna C

Level 9 Valued Member
Elite Certified Instructor
Good point, KCF, about maintaining SA in a fatigued state. Whenever I do the non-stop swings (once every 2 weeks on S&S) I make sure to video it. I can generally keep a good count up to about 100 swings, but then I start to lose it. A review of the video gives me the real story.

Pavel makes a similar point in S&S, about practicing dialing 911 after a set of swings. We don't realize how compromised we can be in doing basic tasks until we try something like that.

So, we are training our brains, too, right? Assuming we get better with practice, at using our brains while exercising!

Paul Sellers

Level 6 Valued Member
There is a smartphone app that uses the motion sensor to track swing reps and I can't for the life of me recall the name of it. I'm sure I have it in my 'ahem' extensive library of apps. I'll take a look and report back. As food for thought I built my own training log in Filemaker to record reps and sets, weights, times etc.


Level 6 Valued Member
I'm still learning English, but i'll try to explane you how I've solved this problem: usually kettlebells have two different patterns /designs in their faces. My kbs have the kilos marked in only one side, so I start sw e tgu with left arm and the kilos toward me and change kettlebell's side everytime I switch hand. I'll stop only when the kilos side return toward me twice.


Level 4 Valued Member
Good idea @matteo - I always face the kilos towards my arm to avoid the manufacturer's logo being imprinted into my forearm. No free advertising!
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Carl Glenn

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I use these ranger beads. I start swings with my right hand and TGU's with my left. As soon as I set the bell down I slide the bead and always from top to bottom. If I forget which hand I'm on I just count the beads and I'm dialed back in. Simple just like me and the program.


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Paul Sellers

Level 6 Valued Member
Well what do you know - by a staggering coincidence the app I had in mind is called Kettlebell Auto Swing Counter ;). Stick it in your pocket and it records the number of swings. It's available for iPhone - dunno about Android. No use for the TGU though...
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