Brilliant hanging leg raise progression at home without a bar

Discussion in 'Bodyweight' started by guardian7, Jan 11, 2019.

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    Alex Salkin (Strongfirst guy) just put up a great hanging leg raise progression easy to do in any doorstop. Aleks Salkin on Instagram: “Got 'Summer Six-Pack' ambitions but no pull-up bar upon which to do thy hanging leg raises? Verily I say unto thee: thou shalt try the non-…”

    Pavel wrote a little known book only on the hanging leg raise that I don't see mentioned often. I am still at the bent knee progression but I definitely feel the difference from just doing planks. It is a short read and a cheap kindle.

    There is also a progression where you lie on the floor while holding something. I finally found a use for the Smith machine!
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    That's a great book. I think it's the third iteration of Pavel's books on abs, and they've all been great.

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    Yes this is a very good variation, even for the stretching for other moves (pike compression for the press handstand)

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