Bryce Lanes 50/20 but slightly modified


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I've done it in the past, saw good results but I was always gassed, I was going to hard.. But this new way I'm doing it seems to be really working.

Now I'm doing it, right now is Sandbag rows , next cycle now that my back is better its shouldering.... And the other day sandbag overhead press.

I also warm up with bodyweight towel rows and some kettlebell swings on the row day, I finish with farmer walks, sandbag shoulder walks with kettlebell in other hand and bearhug carries, plus weighted rows (just a a few low rep sets)..... plus some pullups and chins

The other day, its overhead press/pistol squat progressions, warm up is divebomber pushups, one arm push up progression, and dips... My finisher is, weighted olympic ring pushups, sandbag chest press and bear crawls... I also do some heavy grip training 3 times a week, run 3 times a week and yoga anywhere from 2-10 times a week. I also started doing some neck workouts in between sets..

But here is the difference that seems to be working, I'm adding reps way slower, some days I may do 20 sets of 2... But the then I will do 3 sets of 8, the next one, less overall volume but more reps in the set.. I listen to my body, I've also been taking a week off every three weeks, and doing yoga/walking., the 7th week I take off completely. My goal is to shoulder 200lbs 50 times in 20 minutes, I'm at 140 or 150 right now. I hope by JulyI will be there.. Shouldering and overhead presses and grip are my focus, but I don't want to forget the other exercises I like, so I'm still doing them, just a few sets of low reps.

Only draw back is, I really eat like a horse now and really tired at night come 8pm. Sorry for the long post, but I found something that has been working great, I know I'm not the first. Its not really modified I guess, now that I think about it, but It is tailored more to my needs/goals.

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@JW513, the 50/20 is something I previously have done. The upside of that program is the time efficiency (20 minutes) and the variety of exercises/movements that can be done.

The downside of course is that for 80 minutes per week your butt is kicked! Bryce included back off weeks for a reason!


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^Its very true, I've been doing 3 weeks, pretty hard, one week I walk and do yoga, another 3 weeks and then a whole week off.

I feel pretty fresh. A few weeks ago I had the flu, after I started working out again, I could only do like 8 overhead presses in 10 mins.... Today I day 54 or 55 in 20 minutes, with my 110lbs sandbag.. But like I said, I''m adding reps way slower, then when I did 50/20 a few years back. So far it' has been working great. My back has always been thick, but it has gotten way thicker.

Next week is my week off thought and I can't wait..
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