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Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by nish1013, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. nish1013

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    What is the best place/online store to buy decent kettlebells in the UK ?
  2. Bauer

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    Wolverson Fitness has great KBs, especially for people with bigger hands. I have the colored cast iron and really like them.

    And I have heard good things about the Taurus Pro bells which should be available in the UK.
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  3. Gaz

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    I would second Wolverson. They are the closest I have found to the original RKC bells. They are also the ones that are used on the SFG courses that take place in the UK.
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  4. captain slow

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    Wolverson or Rogue EU
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  5. nish1013

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  6. conor78

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    Just bought a 48kg off Strength Shop uk. Nice bell and free delivery.
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  7. Martin

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    I got mine from a guy guy called Stan Pike
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  8. Ben H

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    My 16s and 32 are Body Power, very affordable but very variable in quality. The 16s were both mostly okay but the 32 had a big casting seam from misalignment during casting and took a lot of work to make the handle more usable. And the paint is rubbish. But I use it every day and I can't say I feel cheated.

    On a whim I bought a 24kg Men's Health branded one from Argos. It seems to have been designed by someone who has seen kettlebells but never used them. It actually looks like an 8kg kettlebell just enlarged. The handle is by far the thickest I've seen on any kettlebell, much thicker than on my 32. This was good grip practice when I was 1H swinging it regularly, but even with reasonably sized hands it's too scary to snatch much. The finish is good but unless you have giant hands I think it's too disproportionate to consider.

    I will be buying a 40kg bell in a couple of months and I think it will be a Strength Shop one - they seem quality and reasonably priced, and they sell a wider range of weights than many other manufacturers (Wolverson don't do 40kg+, for instance). But I'm interested to check out a couple of the other options above which are new to me.
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  9. Glen

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    Personally this is my rating of UK suppliers in order

    Primal strength
    Rogue europe
    Strength shop
    Loads of Chinese imported basic bells all sold by various companies

    Primal strength and rogue Europe are pretty much the same bell but favour primal strength as its a British company.
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  10. Dogchapman7

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    I had strength shop powder coated bells 2x24 2x28 and 2x32. Sold them all and bought some wolverson black series 2x24 and 1x32 and boy can I tell you the wolverson are far superior in quality handle clearance and comfort. The only thing I would say is a pro for the strength shop over wolverson is they have nice chunky handles
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  11. Dogchapman7

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    Have you actually had your hands on a primal strength bell? They look cracking
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  12. Glen

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    Yes I have a custom 56kg the owner of primal strength got made for me - powder coating and finish is awesome. Had a 56kg wolverson bell and quickly sold it as it was no where close to the same quality
  13. Glen

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