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Nutrition Call to start logging your food!

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Ryan T

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Been thinking a lot about nutrition. Compared to the actual "strength" areas of the forums, this one gets less attention. This forum should rank up there with the strength forums since nutrition is a foundational component to our goals for strength and well being. If your nutrition is poor or is not optimized for who you are and your goals, I believe it will inhibit your ability to be as strong and well as you can get.

Perhaps we could start keeping food logs, moreso for encouragement for one another. If your strength goals are lagging, perhaps it's the type, quality, frequency of your nutrition. Let's hear from the whole spectrum of eating styles.

If you'd like to participate, treat it the same as your strength training log. State your current goal and whatever information you feel comfortable sharing. You can be as detailed/general with things like quantity, calories, macros, micros, how you felt, strength levels that day as they correlate with what you ate and when you ate, progress towards goals, etc... Ask for questions and feedback if you wish just as you do on the strength training logs. If you keep a food log, you will be more cognizant of your nutrition and how it supports or detracts from your goals. When you start getting bored is when you should try to kick in the discipline and keep logging. Strive for consistency.

There's a lot of really good information and well intentioned folks on this forum and the SF community at large. Let's work on putting it to use and share our experiences. For those of us reading the logs, let's keep it positive, constructive and full of likes.

Please consider participating. I'll start my food log started a little later today after work once I get some food in me! :).

Closed Thread. (Continue Discussion of This Topic by Starting a New Thread.)
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