Carryover between Power Cleans & Kettlebell Swings

Discussion in 'Other' started by Waffles03, Dec 6, 2017 at 2:27 PM.

  1. Waffles03

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    Hi, is there a carryover between the power cleans and kettlebell swings since both exercises are somewhat similar in movement? I'm also curious if you can replace kettlebell swings with power cleans and still reap the benefits for developing hip explosion. Thank you.
  2. manuelp22

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    Are you looking to enhance your sport's performance?
    If so, what sport are you doing?

    What did you personally feel after working with both exercises?
  3. Steve Freides

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    The kettlebell clean is a swing, and a swing is a horizontal movement. A barbell clean is focused on the vertical.

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  4. ShawnM

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    A lot of strength coaches are using the swing to develop the hinge pattern for the bar bell clean. Chris Holder has been doing this for years.
  5. Waffles03

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    Yes, for boxing. I notice an improvement with my punches when I started performing two handed kettlebell swings and I'm wondering if the power cleans would have some benefit over the kettlebell swings for boxing.

    I prefer the kettlebell swing, however I haven't master the power cleans and I'm not sure if my opinion would change once I refined more of my technique on the power clean.
  6. manuelp22

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    You most probably already know about Ross Enamait, but just in case I'll link one of his recommended exercises for your goal. Albeit unrelated to Swings or Power Cleans.

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  7. Kettlebelephant

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    @Waffles03 Power cleans are great. I've seen them being performed by NFL players, ski jumpers, decathletes and soccer players, just to name a few.
    Probably the best exercise to develop power for non-Oly lifters, because while full cleans and snatches might be a bit better, they are also a lot harder to learn.
    IMO it's not an either or choice. Do both.
    Swings in the ~10 reps area and heavy PCs for singles, doubles or triples. You'll get the best of both worlds.
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  8. Oscar

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