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CBD oil... again?

Don Fairbanks

Certified Instructor
Yup. There will probably be a selection of quality "HMO-only" products on the market in coming months and years, but for now baby formula powder is the most cost effective way to do it. If you're into biohacking, you know how expensive it can get, so this is a good solution.
Take a look at the products from Layer Origin.


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I built up to 3 scoops per smoothie along with red phenol powder and whey protein, and once a week I put apple skin powder in there too. He has reasons for all of these ingredients. His 50,000' view is all about improving immunity. Whether HMO powder helps with growth or recovery, I don't know. Joel recommends it because it helps build bifidobacteria in your gut which is one of many keys to better immunity. Check out the podcast I linked to above. His book is truly groundbreaking.
What do you use for the "red phenol powder"?

Don Fairbanks

Certified Instructor
Y’all sound like this to me ROFL
Excellent point, and hilarious. I'll add a bit.

" This season, for my red phenol ( aka flavonoid ) powder, I like Amazing Grass Superfood Antioxidant Berry mixed with some Evolution Organic Vital Berry juice, occasionally with Tony's Pomegranate Powder, all mixed in a Vita-Mixer with whey, HMO, and apple peels, served over ice in a mason jar, and I wish I had a Yurt. "


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Update: I've been playing with 30mg softgels for the past 5 days. I'm told that I should be using the spray instead. Must take a few days to settle in or something.
I have used CBD oil for about two years. I find that it relaxes my muscles and get rid of the stiffness and soreness. I was getting Botox shots, but the CBD oil works just as well, And it’s considerably cheaper. It also helps me sleep.


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I've been using this stuff called D8, which has cbd and is like a milder version of mary jane.... and will get you stoned if you take enough... I took enough a couple times to see what its like and boy I was comfortably numb... Only tried the MJ twice when i was younger so ' cant compare... Anyways , Its not something I plan on using all the time, but since I just got it, i've been messing around with dosage, and timing.... Mainly for muscle relaxation not to get high... It really helps, i've also been more calm lately.

That being said, it will get you stoned.. I took too much last Sunday, it snook up on me and we had plans to take my grandma to a casino... Imagine being high for the first time, pushing your grandma in a wheelchair through a casino..

I don't condone using drugs, nor am I against it. Not sure I'll buy more, after I use up the tincture I got. But there is something too the CBD/Hemp stuff, that I think can really help people if used correctly and responsibly.
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