Certified SFG and SFL but not in database

Sean Wright

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Hi guys. Just a quick question. I'm successfully completed both my SFL and SFG but have yet to be included in the 'Find an instructor database'. A friend of mine who has recently completed his SFB has already been added and I was just wondering if anyone could explain the procedure for being included? On a similar note, is it possible to have my qualifications displayed along with my avatar when posting in the forum? I've seen other certified instructors do this but was unsure how to go about it.

Thanks in advance.


Sean Wright

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I'm getting the feeling that by the presence of Steve Freides (admin) as the only other person posting threads in this section of the forum I may have posted this in the wrong place... :/

Steve Freides

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And @Sean Wright, it's fine to post here; if it wasn't, I wouldn't allow it in the first place. Maybe reading this will save someone else the trouble next time.

To all:

If you are a currently-certified StrongFirst instructor and are not listed in the Instructor section of our web site, please contact Amanda either by PM here to @SFAssistant or by email at admin@strongfirst.com. Once she creates your entry, you will be able to access it and use the big Edit button at the bottom to tailor the content to your liking. The only requirement is that you must be logged into the forum here - that's how we know it's you editing your own page.

And once you let _me_ know, by tagging me in a thread or, even better, sending me a PM here, I will change your profile here so that the words "Certified Instructor" appear beneath your name and you will also have access to a special section here, currently not much in use, for our certified instructors only.

Thanks, everyone.

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