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    I have suffered from many kinds of health problems last five years or so. I love training but get sick / overtrained terribly easily. However there is not found any specific disease in my various health checks over the years. Doctors have then diagnosed that I just have "chronic fatigue syndrome". (In my opinion that's bullshit but what can you do)

    Are there any comrades here fighting the same kind of health problems or any tips for training and life with this?
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    No tips but I am in the same situation. Using higher weight and going nowhere near failure seems a good idea to get stronger and not burn out and create a lot of fatigue. I'm hoping the KB swing will build my energy over time. Just a theory?? I am brand new to this forum and I do not know how to post. Can someone let me know how to post a new topic? I see no way to do it. Thanks
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    UU, welcome to the StrongFirst! It would be worth your time to get more doctors' opinions.
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    Not a doctor myself, just a medic, but I can tell you one thing - any medical "diagnosis" written "*****-syndrome" is medical code for "I have no idea." You just take the patient's chief complaint, attache "syndrome" and it sounds like you did something. It's medicalese for "I'm done trying to figure this out. I failed."
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    UU & demo, been there.

    Try instead go 90% instead of going 100%, like always and with any kind of training.
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    Hi Unique!
    I haven't met any doctors to solve the mystery behind my state - which sounds a lot like yours, by the way - but I still have gotten good results from programs such as "The program minimum" (from "Enter the kettlebell"), where you focus on one lift each session. Most comrades may get faster results than me by pushing harder, but I don't need to rush. This might be a beneficial approach for you as well, untill you've received the help you need.

    A last hint:
    I've just picked up "Original Strength", which contains a lot of ideas on how to regain the health you were meant to have. I'm not through it yet and therefore haven't tried any of its exercises, but I've heard of some people on this forum that have had a life changing experience by following the advice in the book.

    Best regards, Henke in Sweden
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    Yeah UU, No rush and no where near 90%.
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    Thanks for answer everybody!

    I agree that "cfs" is bullshit diagnose. I keep meeting new docs and making new tests for sure.

    However I have done that over 5 years now so I sadly think there wont be quick fix.

    But for the sake of my mental health I have to be able to do some physical training and try to get some positive results.

    I have found out that long duration aerobic excercise and crossfit type "all out" workouts are the worst. Sometimes I just have to "tough it out", eg. PFT at work but afterwards I get usually sick for week or two.

    I think whole body workouts are also too much for me so one lift a day type would probably be good idea. Or at least better than nothing!

    I dont like to / cant train with kb's so have you any suggestions, what would be the Program minimum with barbells and calistenics etc. ?

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