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Discussion in 'Bodyweight' started by 305pelusa, Dec 7, 2017 at 2:41 PM.

  1. 305pelusa

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    Going through my old notebook, found this little exercise gem I wrote down years ago. Got the idea from an old Calisthenics website.

    "The skill is very simple to describe but hard to do. Here we go:
    • Take the ab-wheel.
    • Get into a pushup position while holding an ab wheel.
    • Now instead of rolling it toward your head, roll it toward your feet and back.

    If you can roll the wheel with straight arms down to the point where the wheel will touch your pubis (lower front of hipbone) and bring it back up to the pushup position, you should hurry and take Paul Hamm's spot in the Olympics."

    If you want to, give it a try!
  2. pet'

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    It looks just incredible for huge arm/shoulder strength and core. I'd give a try to build my straddle planche ! :)

    Thanks for the idea !

    Kind regards,

  3. Tarzan

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    Maybe with a strategically placed pillow so you get a soft landing on the faceplant.
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  4. Oscar

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    Fortunately all my teeth are still in place, thanks to not owning an ab-wheel
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  5. q.Hung

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    so it is planche lean on the ab wheel, right?
  6. 305pelusa

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    I think of it as a Bodyweight Front Raise :)

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