change your training after season?

Discussion in 'Other' started by Reubenz, May 19, 2017.

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    How many of you change your training after season?Do you train in a specific way or dont you care at all what wheather it is? I have noticed that it is difficult to train with kettlebells when its really hot outside but that could just be me.
  2. wespom9

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    I try to center around literal sport season, as well as weather season.

    spring/summer - baseball so no bench/chins (bench because locking scapula on the bench is restrictive to the ideal scap movement in a throw, and lats get enough work with all the throwing internal rotation), much more KB ballistics so I can get conditioning I don't get through ball, and that I can go outside and train in the sun. I love that.

    fall/winter - try to cycle most of my barbell work at this time since I am inside. Less frequent ballistics with KB needed, since 2-3x week BJJ is pretty exhausting. Still ran S&S on off days so its doable, but more focus on grinds.
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    Most of my GPP is constant regardless of season or weather. Cycling and running being the exceptions. (I run more in the winter). Other than that I only vary my training if I am working towards an event, such as a major climb or race, in which case I will get much more specific.

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