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Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by TvdV, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. TvdV

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    Hi all,

    I'm Tom, 32 years from The Netherlands. I've started S&S about 3 weeks ago after 2-3 years of very limited training and gaining a lot of weight.
    I love the program! Nevertheless since about 3 days I started having this tearing pain in the left downside of my left chest muscle whilst doing the swing and lifting the bell (pull motion). It is getting worse every training so today I had to stop (as advised in S&S) after 3 sets of swings. I do not feel any pain when doing TGU's so I finished them.

    I know it won't help but I hate the fact that this pain stops my momentum. Do you have any idea's for alternative exercises/routines instead of the swing that I could do until my injury is over?

    Thank you all in advance.

  2. Steve Freides

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    @TvdV, please see a medical professional as soon as possible, and please stop exercising in any way that causes pain until at least then.

    Once you are cleared by your doctor to resume the movements in S&S, please get some hands-on instruction to be sure that your form isn't the cause of your injury.

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  3. Anna C

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    Hi TdV

    You mentioned "lifting the bell" -- With the hardstyle swing that's used in StrongFirst and S&S, we don't lift the bell at all with the arm or chest muscles. The arms are just ropes, guides, for the bell which goes up from the power of moving the body from hinge position to standing plank.

    But there are other types of swings out there where the arms and shoulders are more involved. Was that what you were trying to do?

    Hope you're able to safely get back to training soon.
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  4. TvdV

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    Hi Anna,

    thx for your answer. With lifting the bell i mean when the bell is hanging from my arms at the bottom position of the swing. When I do my hip hinge and the bell is trusted forward it creates some tension on the arms (like a tension on a rope;)), at that moment my chest muscle starts pulling and hurting. So I'm not pulling or lifting with my arms during the swing.
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  6. Bauer

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    Well, rest and maybe see a Doc. It might be that you lat is not engaged enough and the pec minor has to jump in to stabilize the shoulder. Or too much or too little internal rotation in the shoulder. Or that the chest is tight from other things (like life :D ) and just has nasty effects on your swings.

    Possible Alternatives: Crisp KB DLs. Some jumps. More Goblet Squats. Barbell DLs. Sprinting.
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  7. Anna C

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    Ok, sounds right... still could be a technique issue... Recommend a session with an SFG (or post a form check here for general feedback) once it's resolved by doctor and/or rest.

    Just as a general comment on the chest and the bottom position of the swing, you should have a "big chest" or "wide collarbones" in the hinge position, not collapsed in. Shoulders packed / anti-shrugged.
  8. TvdV

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    Thank you all very much for the tips and answers! It seems to be a little muscle between my ribs that causes the pain. For now I will take rest or do exercises that will not cause any pain. As soon as it's healed I will post a form check to make sure I'm doing the swing right.

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