Chins 1st yes or no


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I can't do tactical pull up well maybe 1.

Should I get strong at chins or do more of grease the grove with 1 the pull ups through the day.

Im at 10 chins


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if your goal is to do more tactical pullups, then yes, that's what you should practice. Partials, negatives, and, yes, GTG with 1 whenever you can. Will add up fast!

Pavel Macek

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I personally suggest to get stronger at chinups - they are easier for most people.

Don't do singles - you will not see much improvement. Ask some of your friends for assistance, and select a variation that you can do about 8 times - and do sets of 5.

Gradually, your friend will give you less and less assistance, and you would be able to do 5+ on your own.

After that, keep practicing, work on the hollow position in the thumbless overhand pulp, and when you can do sets of 5 chinups comfortably, switch to tactical pull-ups.

This is the SFB progression we use in our gym, and it never failed to lever the results. Learning form an SFB instructor would be of course a great, great help.


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If you want to do just one exercise, and you want to be able to do pull-ups any time soon, make it the pull-up. Imho, that would be the fastest way to go.

When doing Pull-ups, greasing the groove with single-reps (or if that's too hard, isometrics/negatives) is a very good way to go, at your level. Not just strength-wise but also in terms of improving technique and mobility (which may or may not be an issue in your case). If GTG is not an option, do as many sets as you can do with perfect form, 3-5 minute pauses in between - do this every other day or leave a couple of sets in the bank and do it +5 times a week.

If you want to do more than one exercise, I'd say train your Pull-ups at least as often as you train your chins, ideally 2/3 Pull-Ups and 1/3 chins just to maintain or even increase your chinning strength.

I had the opposite of your issue until about half a year ago: Trained the pull-up for years (15-20 pull-ups & 1rm with 32kg additional weight), NEVER trained chins, and I couldn't do more than 2 chins without pain. it was an issue of mobility and technique (grip width!). Did some mobility work for a couple of months, now my chins are suddenly stronger than my Pull-ups.
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Thanks guys I can do sets chins for 5 my chin max is 10.

Been doing singles and doubles of pullup shooting for 6-10 day. I already feel stronger with them. Once I can do 3-5 straight think about the fighter pull up routine.

Kyle Kowalczuk

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I would continue to build your chin ups. You will find that once you can do at least 3 pull ups, the number will sky rocket quickly. Doing one pull up using GTG throughout the day will not do much for your strength since you cannot build enough volume.
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