Coffee and Coconut Oil=Bulletproof


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Yeah, T-Nation is protein powder central. If you read the actual research, skipping meals does not make you fat, eating more than you need does. So if skipping meals provokes overeating then it will be problematic but otherwise not. The research does seem to show much more benefit to skipping dinner rather than skipping dessert though.
Clarified butter is easier to digest. The idea is to make the butter slowly melt. Then, with a spoon / colander or any kind of filter, we cut off the white particles on the surface. These particles are the lactosis proteins.

Finally, you get butter without lactosis and you can use it the same way than standard butter, without the "drawbacks" of lactosis.
Ghee tastes great too! That was not my friends problem though; she was getting a sugar bump from coconut oil. Pure oil. Somehow in her body it was idiosyncratically provoking gluconeogenesis to a degree that was knocking her out of ketosis. Very unusual but well worth knowing if it is happening to you (you can not feel it only measure it w/ meter). For her, double critical as she is using deep ketosis to combat/starve out cancer.
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