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    Little question of muscle activation / tension:
    Between a 1/2 bdw kb military press and a OAOL PU, which one is the more "intense" (meaning which one involves more muscles (leg, core, shoulder, arm, etc...) ?

    Thanks you guys

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    Hey Pet,

    I found it difficult to find studys on One Arm Military Press. Maybe someone else could weigh in with those. Also, the push-ups are OA, not OAOL as you mentioned, but it's a start.

    OA Push-up (Full Musculature):

    OA Push-up (Shoulder Musculature):

    Seated OA Overhead Press (Shoulder Musculature):

    Standing Barbell Press (Core Musculature):
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    There is a greater stabilization requirement in the pushup, so it depends on how a greater stabilization requirements fits into your definition of "intense."

    We might ask people who've achieved both.

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    @Steve Freides
    Thank you !

    Yes, "intense" is not a very accurate word. I had in mind something like "between the two moves, which one permit to develop the most important overall strength ?"

    Regarding the OAOL PU, I can for instance do 2 or 3 (on each side) with a feet on a chair.

    However, I never have trained press very seriously (excepted when I did your program). My only 'vertical press' is the freestanding HSPU. I just do 1 or 2 reps a day, but this is different from a kb militay press.

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