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Also, Vulcan Absolute Training Bells claim wider handle so easy to do two handed swings etc...but I can't seem to find any specs onsite that give actual, usable width to compare to other bells esp classic hardstyle kind
I have a Vulcan 24 kg competition bell. The handle is pretty wide. It is about as wide as a Rogue 24kg bell. On both the Rogue (and actually a Perform Better), as well as the Vulcan, I can swing comfortably with two hands. My pinkies are a bit crowded but the shape of the inside corners makes it very workable. The Vulcan competition bell is very nice. I would definitely purchase again.


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The standard handle diameter in Russia has always been 35mm. VF, who was the 1st to sell Competition bells (far as I know) made the handles at 33mm to grow the sport in the "West" to widen the appeal of it, especially with women in mind because of their typically smaller hands (as it turns out, way more women have earned Masters of Sport in the West than men!) Recently, American companies like Kettlebells USA, Vulcan, and Kettlebell Kings have provided bells with 35mm handles as more of our competitors are competing overseas in World Championships and such, and it puts us on a more even keel. Yes, you do notice a difference, especially if your hands are smaller. You may note that the Russian women (who only compete in the Snatch lift presently) in the sport tend to have larger hands (longer fingers?) than most women. Kisenia Dedyukhina for example.
At present, in most comps, you still have a choice between both diameter handles. But I believe they'll eventually have different bells for women/youths and for men, like they have different Olympic bars for female and youth Olympic lifters.

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My two ¢ on the subject.

I used some competition bells at a Crossfit box a few years ago and thought I liked them compared to fitness bells. Recently picked up a 28kg competition bell. In reality I couldn't have bought a fitness type one at that weight anyway as the shop didn't have anything heavier than 50lb. Also running a deal on some of the competition ones so I snapped it up. I am now wishing I'd ordered a regular solid one.

The added size makes it tough to stack smaller bells on top, the handle and horns aren't as comfortable to me as my fitness ones, especially for two handed work. I don't like the feel of the hollow bell. If I could find anyone locally to trade for a solid 28, 60lber, or 32 I'd do it in a heartbeat.

The competition ones are nicer for high volume snatches due to the larger relative diameter on the forearm but other than that I don't care for it.

In fact, consider this an offer for trade on an Extreme Monkey competition 28kg for any of the above - I pay outbound, you pay inbound.

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The only comp bells I have used are VF Precision. I bought myself a 16kg (I had 25 pounds and 45 pounds CAP but skipped 16kg, I was stupid and didn't know where to start) and a 10kg for my mother. It was very expensive between the two bells it was $221 to ship them to California. The 16kg was $80+ shipping and the 10kg was $60+ shipping. My only regret was not buying two 16kg as this would be an appropriate weight for doubles work. Even though it was the most expensive price per kg by a huge margin of any kettlebell I have purchased, its also perhaps one of the best. I am disappointed that they are no longer on the market.

I believe Craig Marker posted an article where he said something like if Batman used Kettlebells they would be VF precision. I mainly use it for snatches, the lower bell on the two hands anyhow, more flow movements and if I take a kb on a trip its the one although i am sort of bothered by the fact that if I lose it I can't replace it.

For lighter weight I like how they feel. At heavier weight the cost becomes prohibitively expensive (if I can recall they sell 48kg for like $300-$400 + shipping).
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