Compression gear.


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Can anyone tell me what's the ideea behind compression gear (socks, pants, etc...) ?
How can these help in lifting or other sports?

They don't hinder blood flow? How can this help?

Steve Freides

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Butch, try this - plenty to read. I gather that no one really can figure out why they work but people do seem to like them.



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They're prettty good if you have recovery issues. Like if your calves need double as much recovery time after running, then running with compressions socks helps.


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In my very unlimited experience with compression I remain unconvinced. Socks - wore them post runs for a while for recovery and can't say they made any real difference to be honest. I didn't like wearing them anyway, reminding me of going to a school PE class and they kept falling down even though they were supposed to be, er, tight.

I accidently bought a compression top online in a sale - liked the look of it more than anything and bought a large. Usually a med-large, not a big guy and like looser tops in general. I was actually quite shocked at the sudden appearance of very distinct abs and pecs, well toned arms and deltoids and was frankly a little embarrassed. I'm 51 and British and didn't like the idea of my neighbours gossiping and questioning perhaps a middle age sexual identity crisis was looming. So I wear it as a thermal, as a layer, all reserved and low key, you know. Besides that, I couldn't breathe. And it's itchy. Always looking for cheaper alternatives, just buy something 4 sizes too small for you or wrap yourself up in cling film. Now that would get the neighbours talking.
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