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Hi, I’ve been browsing the Bodyweight training articles and I came across this gem, The Anytime, Anywhere Bodyweight-Only Strength Program | StrongFirst

However, I’m confused what the numbers in the parentheses mean. I know (3TRM) means 3 technical rep max and (1, 2) x5 means 5 reps but I’m not sure what set structure the (1, 2) refers to. Any help would be appreciated!

Week 2:
  • HSPU: (1, 2) x 5 (3TRM)
  • Pistol: (2, 3) x 4 + 2×2 (6TRM)
  • Pull-up: (3, 4) x 3 + 3×3 (10TRM)


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As far as I understand it the HSPU: (1, 2) x 5 (3TRM) =

Hand Stand Push Up : (1st set - 1 rep ....2nd set - 2 reps) will repeat this ascending ladder for a total of 5 sets......Your total reps will be order to achieve the 3TRM for this move you would need to manipulate the range of motion so that every rep looks the same and is performed with the same level of quality.


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Yes, they refer to ladders.

Another way to explain it: when you see (1,2) this means you do 1 rep, shake it out, do 2 reps, shake it out, then rest until performing the same ladder next round/set.

So (1,2) x 5 means you do that 5 total sets/rounds.
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