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Looking back into my order list from amazon in 2010 showing many books about zen-buddhism, books by Pavel, and my last order was a zafu in this year. I also remember vividly when I got my first kettlebells. I took a road trip with a good friend of mine, and my little opel (3 cylinders, 48ps) was a little bit tortured on our way home on the highway, considering two heavy guys sitting in front, ten loose bells in the luggage space, only secured by resting on a big heavy duty rope, which I also purchased.

Consistency. I think to be or become “good” at something that is the only ”ingredient”, and is not a physical thing but more of a metaphysical thing. To be consistent means to practice today, to practice tomorrow and a day after tomorrow, finally a long row without to many gaps leading ultimately in a grave, exactly when the chain of breathing will be interrupted, which is no doubt about.

The thing I like about Pavel’s teaching is the emphasize on practice (as often and fresh as possible, with high tension but not to exhaustion). That is what I like about the teaching of zen Buddhism too, the importance of practicing zazen as the essence of zen, which is in fact unspeakable, only doable with the body now. What is zazen good for? Kodo Sawaki: ”good for nothing.” The good or bad for the thing or the nothing makes the reasoning ego, which likes to hear reasonable and unreasonable stories, because it most of the time can not bear silence. It is all good or bad for nothing, but definitely has effect(s) which in these mentioned cases are positive and have a greater purpose.

I have known myself not to be a very competitive guy, and don't like compare too much to others. My training is heavily influenced by this community but executed completely on my own. When I think about motivation or what motivates me, I would say it is consistency and the effects of it. The last five years of disciplined training led to some development like I am only a glimpse away of taming the beast. But that in itself is good for nothing (a step), but has an effect which is not bad at all and when the only thing is to nourish discipline and consistency.

Immersing into this great site helps being consistent big time. I would like to hear some other opinions on consistency, what makes you consistent or lack thereof. Lastly I want to say that I am not an expert in the mentioned fields. Just some thoughts.


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Good for you Harald....keep on keeping on.

This forum is fantastic for hearing from others, their experiences, their values and attitudes as well as reps and sets. Opinions, discussions and debates are always non-judgemental, even when polarised, never personal and always with respect and earthy humour. I doubt I would have stuck at it in the way I have without the forum's guidance and reliability. And in fact Harald it was one of your musings a while back that helped me make a big step forward in my practice. So, yeah, get at it, tomorrow and the days after.


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In 2007 at 297lbs (6' tall 44" pants) I took up Kyokushin Karate.(as of 2015 I am a Nidan in Enshin Karate a split off from Kyokushin) I fell in love. I started training at home again. I had no idea what I was doing really. I CONSISTENTLY did do my training though. As the years went on I learned got smarter found Pavel,Kettlebells and other training methods. Now still 6' tall but 182lbs and 32" pants and the one factor in it all was CONSISTENCY. I never stopped. Sure I took Sundays off and the occasional day when I was ill or just really fatigued but I pressed on. Even now pressing on. We all have our own goals. Keep on Truckin' I know I will! Osu!

DO or DO NOT. - Yoda
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