Core activation for hip mobility


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I've been working on my alignment, spinal stability and mobility, and core activation. What led me here was actually working on hip mobility with a long-term goal of the splits. I have found it is almost impossible to get my hips to let go and loosen up if I am not in alignment, my core and glutes aren't working properly, and my t-spine doesn't move. Which has led me to working on those things first before I try for more hip mobility. As I am starting to get these things right, my hips are automatically opening up.

This reminds me of what @Steve Freides has said before...going after the splits requires you to solve multiple mobility issues. It was like a biomechanical treasure hunt across my body. Try to do splits leads to discomfort in my upper back, realized I don't have t-spine mobility because I was rotated to the right, because my left oblique wasn't firing and my core and glutes were weak and then now all of a sudden I have more hip movement!
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