Corex Kettlebells


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I can't say I've ever tried one from corex @Ballz09 , but they appear to be a different design to the comp bells I own.

Mine look more like the pics on this website (it's just a random site that was at the top of the page when I searched for comp kettlebells) Competition kettlebells - Gain strength with durable kettlebells for sale at Power Systems | Power Systems

Normally at the point where the handle meets the bell the handle tapers out, the one in the link you posted doesn't have that & the handle seems to be a bit taller than mine (the handle height could be an illusion because of the horns not having that taper I mentioned before). The handle height is important because it determines where the bell will rest on your forearm. The handle seems to be a smaller diameter to mine as well but that could be a bit of an illusion from the lighting or camera angle etc.

They may be good things or maybe not so good depending on how the bell feels to you when you get it up into the rack position or press it etc.

I've never seen one with a stainless steel handle before either, it would eliminate the rusty handle and rust stained hands that you get from steel handles if the bell doesn't get used for a while. I'd be tempted to scuff that handle up a bit to add a bit of texture to help stop me from launching it when my hand gets sweaty on a hot day. The one in the pic has a handle so polished it looks like it's chromed.
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