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Obviously without Pavel, none of this would be happening. Some of us know him in passing, some of us are closer friends with him, but we all have respect and admiration for him in common. I count myself among the people who followed him into Strong First because of who he is.

BUT......there is more to it than that. In case y'all didn't know, this entire thing didn't exist before the end of August. Indeed, even the name Strong First was not even an IDEA before Sept. 1st.

ALL of what you see here, representing Pavel's vision as a our School of Strength, was put together in a beautiful and strong looking package by Mark Toomey and his lovely assistant Nikki Shlosser LESS THAN 60 days.

From literally nothing to what you see before you......OUR school, OUR community, OUR less than 2 months.

Now I don't know what YOUR schedule is or when you will see either of them, but next time I see either of them, dinner is on me.


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David, well said!! Thank you Pavel for your vision and leadership. The entire direction of my life changed when I met you in Santa Monica in 2002. Your encouragement and teaching has been an anchor in my life and I'm sure an anchor to all of us!!

Mark and Nikki, amazing to think this was just put together in that fast of a time frame! WOW!!!  Thank you for your hard work, passion and determination!!!  Dinner is definitely on me next time I see you!!! Looks like they won't be paying for their dinners for a long time!!



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The dedication and hardwork that Mark, Pavel, Julie, Nikki and more have put into our New School of Strength.....shows what an amazing backbone we are built on. The Future is looking Bright and I am honored to be apart of this will all of you.


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Amazing work guys! This organization is a tribute to the steadfast principles of Pavel's teachings. It is obvious by the wave of support that many people truly believe in these ideals .  The strong shall survive...and prosper.


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I echo everyone's sentiments above.  A huge thank you to Pavel, Mark, Nikki and anyone else who was responsible for making this a reality.  The site embodies INTEGRITY and STRENGTH with every word and every image.  Very excited to be traveling down this lifelong path with all of you.

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Agreed, with all of my heart. Pavel, Mark, Nikki and Julie, you are all absolutely phenomenal, and what you've produced is something truly extraordinary. I'm so grateful to you all! It's an overwhelming feeling, having even a vague idea of the countless hours you've all put in in the last two months and seeing this amazing response and incredible product. Thank you all so much.


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I have found myself repeating this often, so I feel like NOW is another good time. It is refreshing to see and be a part of a community that in my own words simply  "attracts quality people".

Thank you!


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In the short time that I spent with both Pavel and Mark I realized that I was in the company of exceptional people. My RKC weekend was something that has truly changed the direction of my life and my family's as well. It was not however the title of the program but the people and the strength behind it that made it what it was. Therefore I go where they lead. I am in the process of submitting my cert. for recognition, with the hat and the shirt, but I will do my 500 swings anyway just to be StrongFirst!


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My sentiments as well! Thank you, thank you to Pavel, Julie, Mark and Nikki for organizing countless time and energy into this new venture! Many have asked me of the new venture and there are MANY ready to come on board and continue their journey to be StrongFirst! I am excited and thrilled to be a part of this great team! Thanks Karen  too for all you are doing friend! I can't wait to see each of you soon!

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