Crucial stretches for running naked warrior

Jak Nieuwenhuis

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Gonna try to give NW another run.

I am up to full OAOL pushup and can do mutliple pistols each side,

If i wanted to stretch for about 20 minutes before bed, what would you suggest?

I was thinking 90/90 stetch, tactical frog / rocking, tricep/bicep stretching and probably some shoulder dislocates with a towel, also some calf work in the form of calf raises and calf stretches

Tom Furman's "Activate!" Will probably be used as well.



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I do stretch everyday directly after workout and so far it seems to work well for me. I do exercises from Relax Into Stretching by Pavel and some mobilities.

George Locke

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I did a google image search on "tactical frog," but the results had way too much stretching and not enough frog paratroopers.


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The Trifecta from CC2 or Al Kavadlo is pretty good as well. Splits (like relax into stretch) are worthwhile.

Something to consider is active flexibility (how far through ROM you can move it) and passive flexibility (letting gravity pull you lower). The famous Jean Claude Van Damme side splits is a great demonstration of both working together. I believe in the flexibility world (and possibly super joints?) many would say that the greater the difference between active and passive, the greater the risk of injury.

Anna C

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We covered a lot of good ones at SFB, mainly for pistol mobility:
  • Foot and Ankle complex (walk on tiptoes, heels, insides of feet, outsides of feet, externally rotated, internally rotated, sequentially)
  • Mobility squat, progressing to feet and knees together
  • Tactical Frog
  • Seiza
  • Calf Stretch
  • Ankle Mobilization
  • Hamstring Stretch
Let me know if you want some details on any.


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I am a big believer of the Trifecta mentioned by @Neuro-Bob . I always add splits (both frontal and side), plus some deep squats. Then, a few animal walks (duck, lizzard, caterpillar, etc...).

As a reminder, this would be the "bare minimum".

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