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Barbell Curls, Anyone?


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This angle of the wrists at the top can be mimicked by using the ropes attachment in a cable station.

Start at the bottom with wrists pronated. As you flex the elbow also supinate the wrists.


Cable station?

And miss out on the naughty joy that comes from curling in your own squat rack?


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Well, apparently, my curl sucks, according to standards:

Body-Weight Standards​

Dennis B. Weis, an Alaska-based strength coach and the author of the book "Mass," offers a general range of strength standards for conditioned athletes or bodybuilders, including one for the barbell curl, which involves using both hands and arms at the same time. According to Weis, men up to 120 pounds should be able to curl 70 pounds; men 121 to 135 pounds should be able to lift 85 pounds; men 136 to 155 pounds should ideally lift 105; men 156 to 170 pounds should lift 120 pounds; men 171 to 185 pounds should lift 135 pounds; men 186 to 205 pounds should lift 155; men 206 to 225 pounds should lift 175 pounds; men weighing 226 to 245 pounds should lift 195 pounds; and men over 246 pounds should be able to lift 205 pounds in a one-rep max.

I've never tried to test my 1 RM barbell curl, but it's definitely well short of 175 pounds.
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