Cutting back training to 3x/week

Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by Marc, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Marc

    Marc Strong Member of the Forum

    Hey guys,

    so actually I wanted to train like this:
    Bodyweight + Kettlebell Hybrid
    5x/week, prtty intense.

    But as life happens there will be a lot of work waiting for me (currently working on my Master's degree).
    So I will have to reduce training to 3x/week.
    My main goals are losing some pounds of body fat (diet should take care of that) and getting stronger.
    I figured that RoP would suit me best and maybe I could even get closer to the 1/2 bw press. (For when I am travelling I would stick to bw basics).
    Just doing RoP as it is written in Pavel's book + OS/mobility on off days.

    What are your thoughts?
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  2. Maine-ah KB

    Maine-ah KB Strong Member of the Forum

    Sounds Good. ROP is a proven program. ohh and if you happen to role double 6's twice in row for swings/snatch session you will be glad you only train 3 times a week.
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  3. Sean M

    Sean M Strong Member of the Forum

    I have gained a few pounds in first run of RoP (finished week 10 of 12). I was rather lax in my diet (too many candy canes), but I do feel more meat on my shoulders and arms, so some of that was muscle.

    To gain strength with a single kettlebell for ~45 minutes 3x/week, you can’t do better than RoP.

    Another option (if you have a barbell) is Power to the People-style deadlifts (2 sets of 5, with the second set at 90% of the first set, or 5-3-2 all at the same weight), and KB press ladders of 3-5 ladders to 3. This may take even less time each session.
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  4. Marc

    Marc Strong Member of the Forum

    Well, I hope I will still make progress even though I am eating in a deficit. But the additional recovery shoulb be a bonus for that.

    I really love deadlifts, but I train in my appartment and do not have access to a barbbell so I will just folloe RoP to a T.

    Maybe I could do Pistols along with OS on the variety days? Good idea?
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  5. Sean M

    Sean M Strong Member of the Forum

    I squat on variety day, either with light S&S or as a heavier clean/front squat ladder sets - I can’t do pistols, but if you can it would be pretty efficient!
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  6. pet'

    pet' Strong, Powerful, Explosively Athletic Member of the Forum


    I used the daily dose program for presses, with excellent results in terms of strength gains. Even if this is an almost daily program, it does not last long. On this thread (post #23) there is the program:
    one arm press
    With this program, it would be very easy to add your squat / swing program to accelerate your weight loss (combined with proper diet as you mentioned). The 'daily dose press program' may not deliver as much as RoP but volume is far less significant (so it can be interesting to save the shoulders). It can also be interesting because you are on a calorie deficit so it may help you to manage more rest.

    I also practice pistols / squats everyday. This is one of my favorite leg training regarding bdw. A few ladders here and there on a GTG base give plenty of strength. It also strengthen the core / back, which serves very well for a good posture and a stronger press.

    Kind regards,

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  7. Marc

    Marc Strong Member of the Forum

    Thank you @pet'
    This looks interesting but I think I will follow RoP as it is written which leaves me with 4 days of rest.
    Maybe it is not all too bad to cut it back. Therefore I will make pressing 1/2bw the priority for this year and just follow RoP to a T. Not adding anything (exept pullups); not modifying anything!
    So it will look like this:
    -RoP 3x/week
    -OS + Pistols 2x/week on variety days
    -2 days off
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  8. Marc

    Marc Strong Member of the Forum

    I did the heavy day (5x1-2-3-4-5) today with 24kg for presses. Dices roled 6&2 so I did 120 1H-swings in 8 minutes.
    I filmed the last rung of the last ladder.
    C&P + pullups took me ~60mins.
    I think I will start over with 28kg for presses and snatches and 48kg for 1h swings.

    What do you think of the form? Do I have permission to use 28?

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  9. Oscar

    Oscar Strong, Powerful Member of the Forum

    I haven't done ROP yet, but if I could only train 3x week I would like a heavy/medium/light scheme. ROP seems to fit your goals quite well, but I'm not sure I would do it on a diet. How about doing ROP while eating normal and then go back to a GPP +diet? Just a thought.
  10. Anna C

    Anna C Strong, Powerful, Explosively Athletic Member of the Forum Certified Instructor

    Nice C&P. I was going to suggest a slightly narrower stance, but I see you don't have much clearance with that ceiling!
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  11. Maine-ah KB

    Maine-ah KB Strong Member of the Forum

    Yeah go for the 28kg. I would start at 3X1,2,3 though.
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  12. NoahMarek

    NoahMarek Helping Make Others Stronger

    @Marc Your presses look strong! I would recommend finding a more vertical lockout position. Yours looks a bit off to the side. Other than that, looks solid so yeah I think you are ready for the 28kg! If in doubt, do a rep max to see where you are at.
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  13. Harald Motz

    Harald Motz Strong, Powerful Member of the Forum Certified Instructor

    bring the weight vertically overhead. Enjoy a strong, stacked lockout for a quality second. Work on your breathing pattern: when you re- rack the bell after the press take an inhale. Then you have tension in your torso which is for safety and better power production. Then exhale on the upswing. Exhaling on the down clean (downswing) can lead to issues.
    Yes, go for 28kg.
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  14. Mark Limbaga

    Mark Limbaga Strong, Powerful Member of the Forum Certified Instructor

    @Marc try narrowing your stance, you may find you have more pressing juice

    how much are you weighing at the moment? how long do you rest between ladders? rungs?
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  15. Marc

    Marc Strong Member of the Forum

    Thanks a ton everybody! Extremly helpful!
  16. Marc

    Marc Strong Member of the Forum

    I am ~93kg right now (~1,95m). I would like to cut a little down to ~88kg (at which point I would be pretty lean). As for rest I go by feel. It took me ~60mins to complete 5x1-2-3-4-5 alternated with pullups.
  17. Jan

    Jan Strong Member of the Forum

    @Marc : do you have a pullup station?
  18. Marc

    Marc Strong Member of the Forum

    I alternate C&P with weighted pullups.

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