Deadlift and coccyx (tailbone) pain


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First of all, I would like to write that I really love Deadlifting. I've started my journey with this power exercise from PTTP about four weeks ago and went from 5x220 to 5x275 lbs.
Everything is going well but there is something that bothers me. The things are I feel a slight pain in my back around the coccyx (tailbone). I work on my posture and correct technique but this is something I didn't expect. I have to add that I follow Q&D along with PTTP so it might be to much stress on my back.
If anyone of you had a similar issue in the past I would be grateful to read about a possible solution.

Update: I don't feel any pain while performing Sumo deadlift. I think it might be nothing serious but to be sure I'll take a day off and change deadlift variation to Sumo.

Keep it strong and get after it.
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