Deadlift and Vodka

Patrik Novák

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Hi guys Iam do for last 2-3years A+A snatches with medium Bell size (36-40kg) and Q&D protocols ...
Iam do Deadlift ocassionally maybe 2-3x times per year and when I last Pull Deadlift Iam Pull comfortable 190kg 410Lbs I think :)

But After some time I want again Pull some heawier weight and increase my Deadlifth and overal Strenght .....

Im know some people who do Only Deadlift and they Are very very Strong and explosive.

Iam train according to Strongfirst principles last 6years but Iam never do some program which combine Kettlbell and Barbell Deadlift and Really like me that in Vodka and Deadlift program Are heawy KB snatches and Deadlifth and make me sense ...but Also Daily dose od Deadlift look solid ...

Can someone give me advices or self feeling about that ?


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