Deadlift once a week


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I have done 4 deadlift sessions on every Saturday last month. I have used 5/3/1 program for this and it's working for me very well. Got a lot of recovery and can do Rite of Passage simultanously. Progress to my deadlift goals is going slow and steady - the way I wanted to. Thank you for your advices!


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I will be deadlifting three times per week 3x6, light. It's my first try so focusing on technique.
I read time ago "starting strength" Rippetoe book, I will re-read the chapter about deadlift and compliment that with Pavel PTTP info.
I like the feeling of picking up something of the floor, and the militar/push press, gettting something over your head. There is an irrational grunt feeling about that :) I wholy dislike bench pressing though.


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Looking forward to your progress with 5/3/1 deadlifting.
One question, do you just do the 5/3/1 part on that day or with additional assistance lifts (e.g. Boring but big squats or deadlifts, GHR, Good Mornings etc.)?


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Thanks @Kettlebelephant! I tested these versions: 5/3/1 only, with additional excersises, and Boring But Big. I feel that the last one is the best, 5/3/1 only was a too short for only one session. My additional exercises sessions was not by the book, because I tested it with different exercises - overhead press (too much pressing, I do ROP also), dips (they were actually ok, but not helps to deadlift) and front squats (I prefer kb version).

In my little experience the BBB version is the best if we are talking about only one session a week.
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