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@Pavel Macek

Hi All good souls of this greatest forum of Strength.

I've got a question for you regarding Deadlift and Q&D.
About me, in few words.
I'm 36, military, big fan of kettlebell, bodyweight, strength seeker and student.
I'm wondering how to approach PTTP but without Presses due to the wrist injury. I'm not able to do any sort of presses, not even TGU so every such movement I do on the knuckles (I'm yellow belt owner in karate Kyokushin, thus I prefer to call it Seiken).
When it comes to pull movements there are no limits. I can do swings, Pull-ups, and Deadlifts. Moreover, I would have an opportunity to practice DL in a gym placed in my base, thus I decided to focus an this lift.

Now, my question is, how to best combine DL with the following exercises:
  • Pull-ups (also weighted),
  • Dips,
  • Squats (Pistols are not a problem),
  • Handstand Push-ups (currently at eccentric level),
  • Front Lever Progression,
  • and finally Q&D.
I'm sorry in advance for my English, I'm still learning this language.


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I've done deadlifts for years in a PTTP way (more or less) alongside S&S, judo and bodyweight stuff. There might be some kind of imbalance if someone only did deadlifts and no kind of press at all to balance it out a bit, but in any case I haven't had problems doing the deadlifts alongside other things.


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Ok, first session done. Deadlift and Squats. Now, the question is how often should I do DL? 3 or 5 times a week? If 5, I'll rotate Squats and Weighted Pull-ups. If 3, than DL+Squats 3 times a week, and Weighted Pull-ups + Presses 2 times a week.

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@mikhael: What about pushups on your knuckles/fists? I have found those to be excellent wrist strengtheners.

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