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Discussion in 'TSC' started by Sean M, Sep 17, 2019.

  1. Sean M

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    Forgive me if I missed it:

    How many attempts are allowed for deadlift at the TSC?

    Last time I did it, you got up to three attempts as long as the prior reps were successful. You couldn’t attempt again if you missed, or go back in weight if the group moved on (there were three bars/stations - one women’s and two men’s, weight only went up and you had to jump in at the weight you wanted).

    Is it standardized, or up to the venue?

    I plan to open with a recent 2-rep weight, but the strategy from there will depend on how many attempts there are.
  2. Steve Freides

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    Standard PL rules apply. You can miss but your next attempt cannot be lower, only the same or higher. You can miss. 3 attempts.

    Lifters are usually organized with the weight going up but this isn’t required.

    Confirm with your host.

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  3. Steve Freides

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    Just to expand on this a little - to the best of my knowledge, no TSC location can tell a competitor they're not allowed to continue their deadlifts if they miss one. The only restriction is that a competitor cannot ask for a lower weight than the one they missed, which is why the advice is always given to pick a conservative weight for your first DL attempt at both a PL meet and at the TSC. The advice I was given and give to others is: your opener should be a weight you have tripled in the gym. Whatever you choose, the lift should not be in doubt for you - save PR attempts for your second and third pulls.

    In a PL meet, and presumably also in the TSC, the organizers set the order of lifters so that the weight on the bar remains the same or goes up from lifter to lifter. This is not a rule, but a convention that helps keep the competition moving without undue time taken between lifters to unload the bar.

    @Sean M, if you want to talk about the particulars of your location and your experience there beyond what's been said in this thread, please PM or email me and we'll continue the conversation there.


  4. Sean M

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    @Steve Freides Thank you, I got word back from my venue: best of 3 attempts, and can’t go back in weight.

    I’ll open with what I know I can get, and go for my goal weight on second attempt, trying again if needed or trying even higher if I get it on second pull.
  5. Steve Freides

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    @Sean M, white lights to you.


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