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Hello guys,
I m new here. I'm Michele from Italy .
I have a question for you. For many reasons lately i got bored about barbell training and gym training in general. I m quite strong , nothing special,but i deadlift 550(250kg)and squat 450(205kg) at 150(68kg) bw . I don't mind if i lose strength in the squat but can i keep my strength in the deadlift?
I was thinking about greese the groove but mixing a few things. For example monday heavy swings and l sit work, next day heavy atlas stones and handstands, next day bouldering next day sprinting and repete. Never training to failure and listening to my body. What of these things could help me the most to mantain or even improve my deadlift? Any suggestione?

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@Michele90, a break in one's training is always a good thing. Don't think in terms of maintaining your current numbers - take a break, do other training, then give yourself a bit of time to return to focused strength work.

I like to use the model the old-time powerlifters used - train for 13 weeks leading up to a competition or 1RM test, then for the next 13 weeks, work on your weaknesses, do other things like stone lifting, all-around lifting (straddle deadlift, Steinborn squat, and other odd lifts). Then begin another 13-weeks of training towards improving your 1RM again.

It's a great model, and speaking for myself, I apply it on an even longer scale of time. I typically focus on improving my powerlifting for about half of each 5-year period, and do other things the rest of the time.

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