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Other/Mixed Deload Strategy

Other strength modalities (e.g., Clubs), mixed strength modalities (e.g., combined kettlebell and barbell), other goals (flexibility)
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Next week, I'm planning to take my first unforced deload week in years. Up to this point, I've only really taken them when I get sick or hurt. But I feel the fatigue building up, going to try to be smart.

My strength training revolves around 3 things right now: deadlift, S&S and pull ups. So, couple questions:

  • Should I really deload S&S? The program says, if you don't have heavy days, you don't need light days. And it's certainly the least taxing of the three. Better to just keep punching the clock with the KBs? Or really deload everything?
  • Do you deload everything at once? Or, better to spread the deload out? E.g. deload deadlift next week, pull ups the week after that.
Appreciate whatever thoughts are out there.


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Just a few thoughts on how I program deloads for some powerlifting athletes who are also doing S&S:

- Swings are kept at approx 400/week. Usually 4 days of 100 swings at snatch test weight.
- TGUs are a bit more flexible depending on feeling, but usually snatch test weight for 5 singles 4 days/week.
- Barbell lifts are reduced in intensity between 5-15% and volume (approximately) in half.

Pull-ups somewhat depend on overall training volume, but just be aware that elbow issues can sneak up fast if you're pushing them hard.


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I like Zack's post, I would recommend similar though it depends where you are. If you haven't reached Simple, I would say don't cut the bell size but cut volume in half (and even total volume, as in only 2-3 days)
I'd do a total deload incorporating all training.

Better deload strategy:


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