Distance learning martial arts


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I'll second the wooden dummy. It will definitely toughen up the forearms and get your head in the right place for applying blocks and two hand simultaneous coordination.

Here's one I built years ago (who the heck is that kid in the video?!), lots of fun but the shoulders kept wearing out. Before that I had a simple padded pole with arms. Anything to get you used to dealing with opponent's arms instead of just hammering away on a heavy bag.

Still, between this and a bunch of other solo drills built on what formal training I managed, I was able to show up on sparing night and give a good accounting of myself. Any formal training helps tremendously if you take it to heart in your solo work. Having a frame of reference from actually being in a fight or several is also good for preventing a waste of your training time.



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Yes, in my opinion it is one of the best martial arts instructional video series available. It's focus is on grappling and ground fighting.
thanks Pavel. I will probably sign up this year. Do you need a partner for all the exercises?


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Tang Soo Do over a decade
Full Contact Kickboxing for 3 years
Full Contact Boxing for 6-months

Based on that experience I hate to break it to you, but unless you have someone watching you and instructing you and correct everything, you will never learn proper technique. Oh and I already heard it before "I am doing it right; just copied the videos; etc." Trust me, no instructor don't bother.
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