Do participants warm-up before performing the deadlift?

Discussion in 'TSC' started by SuperGirevik, Jul 23, 2019.

  1. SuperGirevik

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    I know each student has 3 attempts to record their heaviest deadlift. My question is, do they just walk up to the platform and pull heavy or is there a chance to warm-up a little with some lighter reps?

    I've always warmed up when training with the deadlift and I find it intimidating to attempt a +400lb right out of the gate.
  2. Anna C

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    I've done the TSC at two different locations and there was a chance to warm up at both. You have to take the initiative though, no one is likely to walk you to it or through it, because they're concentrating on the platform and competition.
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  3. Steve Freides

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    You should be able to do your normal warmups - if you're in doubt about that, ask. At every TSC I've attended, the deadlift is treated much like it would be at a powerlifting meet, which means there is usually a warmup area and a competition area so that some people can warm up while others pull "on the record."

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  4. Ryan Toshner

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    Everyone should be allowed to warm up. It's something that we go over in the "How to run a TSC" document that we send to hosts and in the webinars that we do for judging, etc.

    How, exactly, warm-ups are done is up to the host facility. There could be a separate area or just some time on the main platforms before the lifting starts. That probably depends on the number of participants at the facility. As @Steve Freides suggested, check with the facility where you plan to participate to learn how they plan to do it...
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  5. SuperGirevik

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    Thanks everyone! It's a relief to know that warm-ups should be allowed. As for contacting my local facility, last year I found it near impossible to reach them. No one would answer the phone and none of my emails received replies.

    Hopefully this year things will be different...
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