Do you use a cable pulley machine?


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And if so, what do you do and why?

The chop/lift patterns are the best done on the pulley I find.
I love the rotational row.
I find the Palloff press variations a great beginning to anti-rotation.
A 1 arm press or row on the pulley, from either bilateral or split stance position, is an awesome move for learning to "root". Resisting both the rotational pull and the forward pull. I like the press more - I think the swing does the pull part well enough and with more qualities added.
I've learned a few things from the TPI crowd for rotational power that fit more in an SPP or advanced program for rotational athletes.

(Like this post if you secretly crush tricep pulldowns after your bench)


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I don't. But...

For rotational stuff, I find landmine to be really good. I like it way better than cable machines because of the near total freedom of movement.

For Palloff press, I use resistance bands.

For other pulls, I use gymnastic rings, barbells or horizontal bars (chin up bar, tall dip parallettes).

For bodybuilder style triceps isolation, I just throw on BRF bands and do French Press (DB, KB, or EZ curl bar) for 30-15-15-VF.
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Yes, I do, and happily. Though I find it hard to think what specifically I do with it, so something may be forgotten. It's just one more tool in the toolbox. Though maybe not that important, like that it would be a priority to get in a home gym.

I liked the original post but my infatuation with the triceps pushdown on the pulley is no secret. Feels great on the triceps, I can really push it, and also feel it in the midsection very well.

I also like different kinds of pulls with the pulley; vertical, horizontal. It's just practical to use with different flavors.

I have started testing out the ab pulldown as a new exercise. It seems to have promise.

I have done a lot of face pulls at times and they've definitely been worth their while.


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Tricep pushdown, seated row, lat pulldown are all cable exercises that are common in my workouts. They all get the job done. Pairing and alternating bench/overhead press with seated row/lat pulldown is great for arm, shoulder and back development. Tricep pushdown is more a vanity addition - I'm not convinced it really makes a difference but I do it anyway (maybe because I like how it looks in the mirror lol)

(Like this post if your exercise selection is secretly influenced by how it looks in the mirror)
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Steve Freides

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Home gym, no cable pulley, no want of one, already have more gear than I can regularly use.


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Fyi, I do a lot if these excersises with cheap bands instead of a cable pulley machine. Its mostly tricep work to help my bench press.


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Yes. I like variety in my strength training and follow Matt Wennings strength training for tactical populations style approach for strength.

Ian V

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I used to use a pulley machine for practicing judo moves (uchikomi for the initiated). I liked the resistance and the fact that you could actually move something. In terms of conventional weight training I never enjoyed them that much but know people who have put them to great effect especially for rehab.
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