Dollamur mats for kettlebell training?


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I'm considering buying a Dollamur mat for doing TGUs.

They are used for martial arts, gymnastics, and wrestling.

I got a sample and they are a little bit cushy.

Would that be a problem for doing TGUs? In terms of force transfer, stability, safety, etc.

What about swings? I suppose swings are a no-no and should be done on a hard surface?


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that looks very soft.

I use a puzzle mat, black high density foam, about 1cm thick. This is fine for protecting a wooden floor and stable enough for swings, TGU, etc.
For yoga and stretching a 9-10mm softer yoga mat on top of this works well.


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Ended up buying these:

For a total investment of $19.

Only problem is my living room now looks like a children's place, but f*** it.


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Hey, no problems there. You'll be getting strong, and working on your mastery of the alphabet and numbers ;]


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I got an equipment mat at Walmart, like you'd use under a treadmill. They're a lot thinner than the exercise mats, so they're not as squishy and unstable. Still has a little padding, and keeps the floor from getting marked up and sweaty. Was about $20US, and plenty big to do getups on. It's black and rolls up easily to keep it out of the way when not working out. Definitely not colorful, though, and won't teach you the alphabet!


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I used this for my training in the basement.


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I use a 4'x 6' 3/4' rubber mats. They are used in horse stalls. They go for about 40 dollars at Tractor Supply. They are super sturdy and you can drop bells on them all day long. The down side is that they are about 100#/pc. which makes them tough to move.


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Jay, those would be good for a garage or something like that.

I was planning to use mine on the living room.
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