Sold Double KB Programs by G. Neupert (STRONG, KBM & more)


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Since I won't use double KBs in my training, I have no need for the following Geoff Neupert programs anymore:

- Kettlebell STRONG (97.50$)
- Kettlebell Muscle (29,95$)
- More Kettlebell Muscle (47$)
- The Double Kettlebell Workout Files (from KB Burn Inner Circle Vault)

The combined package adds up to ~200$ (inlcuding the, to me unknown, value of the DKBW Files).
All the books and DVDs are in a very good condition (basically brand new).

I'll sell the package for...
...80$/75€ incl. shipping for citizens outside the EU
...70€ incl. shipping for citizens inside the EU (except Germany)
...65€ incl. shipping for German citizens

Lee Hunt

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Same here, if I hadn't already bought kettlebell STRONG in December I would have gone for this!
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