Double Kettlbell

Patrik Novák

Level 3 Valued Member
I greet all the strong
Since the beginning of my kettlbell era I have been training with one kettlbell
But I want to start with two kettlbells

since I met a couple of extremely strong guys in my work and I found out that hard A + A snatches are good for grip strength and strength glute and so but Probably a pair of kettlbell is different Animal game

Does anyone have experience with Geoff Neupert Program Strong?

my goal is to be as strong as possible with as little body weight as possible


Stuart Elliott

Level 6 Valued Member
Yes, I highly recommend it, not only for the programming but also the tuition in the book and video. I'm currently doing The Giant, which is another of Geoff's programmes focusing on the clean and press. Geoff did have some offers on a short while ago which included Strong, they may still available.

Dan S

Level 4 Valued Member
I have not tried any of Geoff’s programs yet, mainly because I do single bell work, but from being around here for over 3 years I have never heard anyone complain about his programs and I believe Pavel in the past has called him one of the best program designers there is so I don’t see how you can go wrong.
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